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MS NPC: Kieran Reshi An'ya by Bifunctional MS NPC: Kieran Reshi An'ya by Bifunctional

am always up for rp, just ask me or go straight ahead and send a note~ <:

05-15-13: Donw with major revamp.

Name Kieran Reshi An’ya
Nickname Reshi
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 189 cm (6’ 2.41’’)
Race Leiian (Elf + Owl)

Job/Occupation Cartograph and messenger
Base Class Mage
Weapon Set of 10 Magic Rings to channel his magic and a dagger althou it probably wouldn't help him much in combat.

◊ STR ◊ 1
◊ MAG ◊10
◊ DEF ◊ 2
◊ RES ◊ 5
◊ SPD ◊ 2
◊ DEX ◊ 4
◊ STA ◊ 8
◊ INT ◊ 8

◊ Wind ◊ 05
◊ Earth ◊ 05
◊ Water ◊ 0
◊ Fire ◊ 0
◊ Air ◊ 0
◊ Dark ◊ 0

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Earth Shift Kieran can move rather great masses of earth or stone. With Air magic he gives the object an additional push, so that he can move it quite quickly too.
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Firm Air Kieran compresses air to e.g. build fine walls or attack with air bullets.
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Owl's eyes Kieran sees with his owl Juu's eyes. Perfect for Scouting ahead.

Birthplace Alrose
Residence Forever traveling~

Hobbies Learning (anything, really), Reading, Disregarding things ;;
Likes Feathers, Birds, Fish, Nights, Pancakes with syrup, Berries, Travelling, Trading, Leaving, Spontanity, Women
Dislikes Bright light, Not knowing what to do, Staying at one place for a long time, Ties, Boredom

Personality Unlike his cousin Linnaea, Kieran is no airhead at all, although his temper can be just as bad as hers. In general thou, he keeps up a friendly, polite, even easygoing attitude. If he doesn't have something sensible to contribute, he can just as well shut his mouth though.
If you don't actively try to annoy him he's usually fine company, fun even, as he is very active and up to spontaneous activities. However, he does need time-outs every now and then - just to read a book, draw some maps; do the intellectual stuff, you know. Noise doesn't break his concentration though.
Kieran will always take your opinion into consideration and then see if he agrees or not. If he doesn't: it'll be either arguing, or he will simply not care enough to disagree with you and just go along. He is good at not showing if when he's in a foul mood - at least with people he doesn't care about. Which includes almost all people.
Kieran does not form strong ties with people, preferring to keep a distance.
If in a dangerous situation, he’ll get the hell out of there – he is as loyal as to not leave anyone behind though.
Oh, and he has a huuuge weakness for pretty ladies.

History Also unlike his cousin Linnaea, Kieran grew up in a more sophisticated line of the An’ya-family. His parents – not exactly rich but wealthy people – highly valued good education for their two sons.
After a pretty much ordinary childhood spent with friends and family and school, the boy enrolled at the Academy of Alrose with 15. Going by his parent’s wishes, Kieran started his studies in the field of economics and marketing. He switched to Geology and Cartography after a year.
His decision came as quite a surprise for his parents who had, up till then, always been the leading hand in their son's life. But apparently, when he realized that there was something more interesting to him and after a year of uncertainty he came to the conclusion that he should be the one behind the wheel and find his own way.
His cartography studies went very well and. Still, he hadn't disliked economics and marketing, so even when his courses, lectures and seminars were over he sat down to study more, finding it interesting to link countries' geology to their economy.
That eagerness only went on for so long though. (Probably not totally unrelated to his dear cousin Linnaea’s change into a troublesome youth) Kieran’s field of interest expanded over only studying.
He started randomly strolling around town, just making experiences – participating in events, formal parties, generally meeting new people. Just having some fun, see? Oh, and a certain pinkhead-cousin dragged him into pulling some shit here and there~ But hey, it was all harmless and somehow it was simply fun.
Kieran found that what he wanted was a life free of ties, free to go wherever he wanted, pursue whatever caught his interest. After uni he abandoned Alrose. Oh, and it actually wasn’t so hard to abandon his family, friends, home and the standard of living he was used to either.
His parents were anything but pleased by that their eldest son decided to stroll around all of Khivann – they harbored the hope that he would come back eventually, when he found that life was way harder on your own. Continuous letters were all that came back though.
Kieran exchanged unholy amounts of letters with the people he left behind (he liked his exchanges with Linnaea’s letters best, btw. They were always entertaining eue~).

Kieran still keeps up this lifestyle. Together with his owl-companion Juju - or Juu - that has stuck to him ever since he started his travels, Kieran wiggled his way through life by taking on various jobs here and there. Those jobs weren't always connected to his mapping skills though and, thus, he gather superficial skills in a vast amount of areas – be it music, history, merchandizing, blacksmithing, etc. Quite regularly he works as a messenger too. It suits him real well, he found, as he is fast to delived because he knows the lands.

More Randomness
◊ Name meaning: Kieran - Irish, Gaelic "Black"; An’ya – Japanese “Dark night”
◊ The owl's name is Juju, nicknamed Juu (*glances at :iconjujupancakes: eue~ ♥) and she is 4 years old UvU
◊ Juu is by no means tamed. She has her very own peculiar character… Usually she just flies off somewhere, hunting or such and only comes back to Kieran after many hours or when he calls her. After all, the two owls share a strong connection.
If you see her by Kieran’s side, you’ll usually find a grumpy looking owl though =v=b It’ll be funny if you try to pet her. She can be a pecking little monster
◊ You will /always/ find him with some scratches from Juu.
◊ Kieran doesn’t eat fish nor birds.
◊ His Leiian features include elfish ears and two small owly feather thingies underneath his hood, the big -some may find them scary- Owl eyes with the feathery eyebrows, thick nails that grow into owl’s claws if he does not grind them every day. There are cute brown owly flecks all over the skin on the backs of his hands, forearms, shoulderblades, the lower part of his spine and hips.
Also, he has fine eyes for terrific sight in the night.
◊ He has a sweet tooth =v= Juu does too xD
◊ Thou as a child everyone has called him by his first name Kieran, Linn has always called him Reshi. eversince he is travelling the lands by himself he always introduces himself as Reshi.
Linnaea An’ya’s cousin~

Kieran Reshi An’ya ~ :iconbifunctional:
Application Sheet ~ :iconeeriah:
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